Essential Camera Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

Things You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Camera Bag

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Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Camera Bag

Photography can be so much more than just a hobby. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, your camera bag is essential to the quality and success of your projects. But often times, we forget the smaller items that we need in order to get the job done right. Here’s a list of some of the most overlooked items you didn’t know you needed in your camera bag.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are your gateway to capturing beautiful photos. Memory cards, such as Compact Flash or Secure Digital cards, are an important part of any photographer’s gear. It’s essential to have backup cards on hand in case your primary card fails. Always make sure your cards have capacity for the photos you’re taking and if you’re planning on taking a lot of photos, investing in higher capacity cards might be a wise decision.

Lens Hoods

Lens hoods protect against two of a photographer’s biggest enemies: glare and lens flare. When shooting in direct sunlight, lens hoods help filter out glare, which can give your photos a washed out look. In addition, lens hoods can help inhibit lens flare, which can ruin a great photo with ghostly purple and green circles. Lens hoods often come with your lens, but if for some reason it isn’t included, you should invest in one.

Rain Sleeve

A good photographer is prepared for every situation, even the rainy ones. Rain sleeves used to be a bulky item that was hard to carry. But recently they have been manufactured in much smaller sizes that can easily fit into your camera bag. Rain sleeves are a must have for outdoor shooting, but they can also be great for shooting indoors when you want to avoid dust or debris getting on your lens.


Tripods are another one of those items you don’t realize you might need until you do. Tripods are incredibly useful in capturing still shots and can even be used for certain types of videos. You don’t need to invest in a huge bulky tripod that takes up the entire camera bag. There are many smaller tripods sold that are easy to carry and provide stability. Tripods are a must have for night photography, sunset and sunrise shots, and for taking self-portraits without the need of a second person.

Extra Batteries and Charger

Always make sure you have an extra set of batteries on hand. Photographers always want to have backup batteries to ensure they don’t lose precious shots because of a drained battery. Chargers are also important to have on hand to always have a charged battery ready to go. Always make sure your batteries are stored safely and in a cool spot as batteries can easily overheat.

By stocking up on these overlooked items, you can make sure you and your camera bag are ready for any situation. While some of these items may not be essential to everyone, it’s always a good idea to weigh their importance based on the type of photography you’ll be doing. Having these items in your camera bag can make the difference between a great shot and a missed one.

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