Essential Accessories for Smartphone Vlogging: Find the Best at B&H eXplora

Best Smartphone Vlogging Accessories | B&H eXplora

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Best Smartphone Vlogging Accessories

Tripods – A smartphone tripod is often the first vlogging accessory novice vloggers should consider. It helps keep your footage steady and can also provide a stable platform for when you need to record shots from a distance.

Lens Attachments – If you are looking to take your smartphone vlogging to the next level, consider investing in a smartphone lens attachment. Lens attachments can provide you with a unique field of view or perspective. B&H eXplora carries a wide selection of smartphone lens attachments to suit your filming needs.

Lighting – Lighting is key when it comes to recording decent looking smartphone video footage. B&H eXplora offers a range of lighting solutions for smartphone vlogging including LED ring lights, softboxes, umbrellas and light panels.

Microphones – Audio is an equally important component when it comes to vlogging with a smartphone. Investing in a good Quality external microphone will ensure that your viewers hear you clearly. B&H eXplora carries a variety of both wired and wireless microphones designed for smartphones.

Filming Apps – Using a smartphone app dedicated to recording video can help you achieve professional results. B&H eXplora sells a range of video recording apps for iOS and Android devices which feature helpful live review and editing tools.

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