Enhance Your Lighting Setup with the Godox TL60 RGB LED Tube Light

Godox TL60 RGB LED Tube Light (2.5') TL60 B&H Photo Video

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Godox TL60 RGB LED Tube Light (2.5′)

Godox TL60 RGB LED Tube Light (2.5′) is a lightweight and easy-to-setup light solution for any photographic or video-making purpose. It is part of the Godox line of products, and is currently only available at B&H Photo Video. It is a powerful yet compact LED light that is great for on-location use or studio photography. The TL60 produces a soft, flicker-free light and has a CRI rating of 96+ to ensure accurate color rendition. It features a wide range of colors, including red, green, blue, and white, and can be tuned to a specific hue, saturation, and brightness. This makes it ideal for any still or video shooting situation, as well as for any special effects you may need.

The TL60 can be powered either by 6 AA batteries or the included DC adapter. The batteries allow it to be used outside and away from a power outlet. It also comes with a mobile phone mount, which allows users to take control of the light remotely via the Godox app. The light is easily adjustable, with a dimming range of 1-100%. The bar angle is adjustable from 0-185ยบ, allowing users to shoot a variety of scenarios.

The Godox TL60 RGB LED Tube Light (2.5′) is a great light for any photographer or video producer. It is easy to set up and take down, has a wide range of colors, and can be remotely controlled from a mobile device. It is an affordable and reliable choice for any photography or film-making project. For more information, B&H Photo Video is the best place to check out this light and its many features.

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