Emilie Talpin’s Incredible Journey to Becoming a Professional Bird Photographer

Emilie Talpin's Journey to Becoming a Bird Photographer

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Emilie Talpin’s Journey to Becoming a Bird Photographer

From accounting to bird photography: one woman’s remarkable career change.

Emilie Talpin is an avid bird photographer with a unique background. Before becoming a wildlife photographer, Emilie worked in the accounting field. It wasn’t until she discovered bird photography through her travels to Australia that she felt an unstoppable need to make the transition from accounting to photography.

Stepping Away from the Desk

A leap of faith into a whole new world.

Emilie felt a strong urge to step away from her accounting desk and into the outdoors to pursue what she was really passionate about. With her determination and dedication, she took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey to become a bird photographer.

Exploring New Territory and Learning New Skills

Embracing a new environment and honing her photography skills.

As a novice photographer, Emilie found the world of bird photography to be full of potential, and wasted no time in experimenting with her camera to explore the terrain. To hone her skills further, she sought out professional guidance from respected bird photographers.

Defying the Odds

Overcoming tangible and intangible obstacles.

The bird photography world is a highly competitive field, yet Emilie continues to defy the odds. Despite the physical costs of lugging around heavy equipment and working in wet and cold climates, as well the psychological costs of waiting for the perfect shot, Emilie always finds a way to capture the bird’s beauty.

Living in the Moment

Celebrating life in the great outdoors.

For Emilie, bird photography is an opportunity to unite with nature and share the gifts it has provided. It has been the perfect way for her to fully embrace a life of freedom and exploration. Most of all, it has provided her with a sense of pure joy and satisfaction that she has never experienced before.


Emilie Talpin’s remarkable story from accountant to bird photographer speaks to her courage and dedication. Her journey showcases the power of the human spirit to defy perceived limitations and be inspired by something truly special.

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