DPA Unveils Its 2017 Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone to Capture Quality Recordings

DPA Announces the 2017 Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

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DPA 2017 Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

DPA announces the 2017 Supercardioid shotgun microphone, providing highest level of sound quality. The microphone is accurately implemented for professional recording applications, delivering extremely clear and detailed recordings. It is designed to pick-up sounds from a long distance with highly directional characteristics.

The 2017 Supercardioid shotgun microphone has high frequency accuracy and a wide dynamic range. The microphone offers smooth and balanced audio reproduction over a wide frequency range. Audio recordings made through the microphone have high clarity, providing an accurate representation of the source sound.

The microphone is also lightweight and portable. It is designed for easy installation, with a simplified connection process. At the same time, it provides excellent sound insulation, making noise from nearby sources may not be picked up in the recording.

The 2017 Supercardioid shotgun microphone is a versatile device. It can be used for a variety of applications, including video production, sound for film, voiceover, broadcast, ENG and much more. It is a professional tool for sound professionals, who value clarity and signal integrity.

The 2017 Supercardioid shotgun microphone is available in both black and silver. The microphone is made with high quality materials and provides robust performance and reliability. Its design ensures that it can be used in a wide variety of environments and applications.

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