DJI Unveils Latest RS 4/RS 4 Pro Gimbals and Focus Pro for Filmmakers

DJI Announces RS 4/RS 4 Pro Gimbals and Focus Pro

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DJI Announces RS 4/RS 4 Pro Gimbals and Focus Pro

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, has announced the launch of two new gimbal systems for professional filmmakers – the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro, and the Focus Pro, a dedicated follow focus system.

RS 4 and RS 4 Pro Gimbals

The RS 4 and RS 4 Pro gimbals are designed to offer smooth and stable camera movements for professional filmmakers and content creators. They feature a carbon fiber construction, 12 hours of battery life, and enhanced motor strength, making them suitable for a wide range of professional cameras and lenses.

Focus Pro Follow Focus System

The Focus Pro is a dedicated follow focus system that integrates seamlessly with the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro gimbals. It offers precise and smooth focus control, allowing filmmakers to capture sharp and accurate focus pulls during their shots. The system also supports automatic focus tracking and can be controlled remotely.

Professional Filmmaking Tools

With the launch of the RS 4/RS 4 Pro gimbals and Focus Pro follow focus system, DJI aims to provide professional filmmakers with the tools they need to capture high-quality cinematic footage. These new systems are designed to offer precise and reliable performance, giving filmmakers the flexibility and control they need to bring their creative vision to life.

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