DJI Launches Air 3 with Unprecedented Dual Camera Setup

DJI Releases the Air 3 with Dual Cameras, a First for the Series

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DJI Releases the Air 3 with Dual Cameras, a First for the Series

DJI have unveiled the Air 3, the first drone in their popular Air series to feature dual cameras.The new entry in DJI’s lineup of consumer-grade drones features a two-lens camera on the back of the drone. The Air 3 offers impressive specs, with dual 12-megapixel cameras, up to 48MP photo resolution, 4K video capability at 60fps, and a 3-axis gimbal for smooth and stable footage.

The Air 3 also introduces AirSense, a new feature for added safety when flying.DJI’s AirSense system uses two-directional ADS-B receivers to detect and avoid other aircraft in the area. The system is designed to help drone pilots avoid potential collisions and ensure the safety of the airspace.

The Air 3 is also more powerful and responsive than ever before.The drone boasts improved flight performance with speed up to 44.7mph in Sport Mode. It’s capable of 31 minutes of flight time and a maximum control range of up to 9 miles. It also features three QuickShots for easy cinematic filming with just a tap.

The Air 3 is now available for pre-order and will begin shipping in June.It’s priced at $799, and comes with a controller, two intelligent flight batteries, and all necessary accessories.

The Air 3 is a major upgrade for DJI’s Air series, and is sure to be a favorite with drone enthusiasts. With its dual cameras, AirSense for added safety, improved performance, and range of cinematic options, this drone is sure to make impressive videos and capture breathtaking photos.

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