Discover New Horizons: Exploring Kinefinity MAVO Mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera (KineMOUNT), Styles, Configurations

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Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF is a powerful digital cinema camera designed to capture high-quality video with greater detail and clarity than ever before. The camera features a large Super 35-sized sensor and KineMOUNT professional lens mount for unparalleled image quality.


Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF is available in both a body-only configuration and a kit that includes the camera body, viewfinder, lens mount, and accessories. It is lightweight and ergonomic for easy setup and use, and the integrated X-fleet image processor and KineRAW codecs offer a combination of performance and flexibility.


The KineMOUNT offers compatibility with a wide range of lenses, including Canon EF, Nikon F, ARRI PL, Sony E, and others. It also features integrated support for a variety of internal recording formats, including ProRes, compressed ProRes RAW, and CinemaDNG RAW. Other features include dual CFAST and SD UHS-II card slots, HD-SDI connections, and genlock.

Kinefinity MAVO mark2 6K LF offers professional-level performance in a compact, accessible package. With its high resolution and professional lens mount, the camera is ideal for cinematographers and filmmakers who demand the best from their digital cinema cameras.

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