Dahua Technology Introduces Enhanced TiOC and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

Dahua Technology Expands Three-In-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

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Dahua Technology Expands Three-In-One (TiOC) and Night Color 2.0 Cameras

Dahua Technology announces the launch of the new 3+1 and night color 2.0 camera products in the market. The new products are designed to meet the high speed demands of the industry, and provide increased flexibility, clarity and safety.

The three new TiOC cameras are perfect for any surveillance needs. The products are available in both Analog and IP, and come with the latest 3+1 technology which allows for transmission of four video streams simultaneously, ensuring reliable, high quality video and images. The three cameras come with a wide dynamic range (WDR) of up to 142 dB, enabling users to get detailed images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Night Color 2.0 technology provides crisp, clear images even in low light conditions. The camera is a true day/night product and uses active infrared technology to filter out ambient light. The new technology provides better clarity and improved image details, allowing users to identify small objects and people even in low light conditions.

The three camera models have various supporting features. They come with built-in analytics including motion detection, virtual line crossing, auto tracking and object left/taken away. Additionally, the cameras also come with onboard face recognition, ANPR and zooming capabilities for maximized accuracy, performance and reliability.

The new products are perfect for any large-scale security system. The cameras come with a range of features designed for intelligent video surveillance, making them suited for many applications including retail, industrial, city surveillance, and more.

Dahua Technology is committed to providing innovative products for customers. The new products provide increased flexibility, clarity, and safety, allowing users to get the most out of their surveillance solutions.

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