Crowning the King of Storage: Samsung 990 PRO SSD Review

Samsung 990 PRO SSD: The Best of the Best

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Samsung 990 PRO SSD: The Best of the Best

The Samsung 990 PRO SSD is the latest addition to the Samsung portfolio of cutting-edge solid state drives. With its advanced V-NAND technology, the 990 PRO provides blazing speed, enhanced reliability, and top-of-the-line performance. It is the perfect companion for an ultra-fast gaming machine, creative workstation, or other similarly demanding use.

Spectacular Performance

The Samsung 990 PRO provides read and write speeds of up to 7 GB/s and 6GB/s, respectively—significantly faster than the previous model. On top of this, it features an upgraded controller, 4Gbit DRAM, LPDDR4 DRAM, and an improved Random Access Time which allows for more reliable and faster access to stored data. This combination leads to a 75% improvement in latency compared to the predecessor.

Durability and Reliability

The Samsung 990 PRO is built with Samsung’s V-NAND technology. This stackable design improves durability and reliability by reducing electrical interference and thermal issues. Additionally, it allows for greater storage density, which leads to higher data storage capacities within the same size dimensions. Samsung’s 5-Core Phoenix controller helps to ensure that the 990 PRO performs flawlessly and minimizes the development of defective blocks.

A Secure Option

The Samsung 990 PRO provides superior security with AES 256-bit encryption. It also includes Opal 2.0 and TCG/Edd which are compliant with the latest Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards. This ensures the data stored on the 990 PRO is secure and inaccessible to anyone who does not have the encryption key. All these features make it an excellent choice for storing sensitive data.

Compatibility With Your System

The Samsung 990 PRO is compatible with most modern Laptop and Desktop systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Furthermore, it also comes with a full range of hardware and software support that allows the user to easily create and use their SSD with no fuss. This includes an integrated software suite for cloning drives, secure wiping, and setting up a RAID array.


The Samsung 990 PRO is the ultimate storage solution for those who demand the utmost performance and reliability. With its blazing speed, enhanced durability, and robust security, it is the perfect companion for anyone looking to utilize the full potential of their PC.

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