Creating Finger-Lickin’ Photos with Austin’s Top Food Guide, Mica McCook

Finger-Lickin' Food Photography, with Mica McCook, the Austin Food Guide

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Finger-Lickin’ Food Photography with Mica McCook of the Austin Food Guide

“Food is the heart of photography,” says Mica McCook, who owns and operates the Austin Food Guide—a local food blog and resource for hungry locals and visitors alike looking to explore the best food the city has to offer.

McCook is an experienced food photographer who understands how to light, style, and shoot food—the key ingredients for making it look irresistible. “Food photography is more than just taking a pretty picture, it’s about capturing the essence and flavor of the food itself,” she says.

She shares her tips for taking stunning food shots, including simple tricks to putting chefs’ dishes in the best light. “Sharp and vibrant colors, interesting angles, and proper lighting are essential when taking photos,” she notes.

McCook also suggests making sure the food is prepped and ready for the shoot. “You want to make sure the food looks as if you want to eat it right away,” she suggests. Working with a lightbox can help you get the perfect shot.

McCook believes food photography should be fun and creative, and that photographers shouldn’t be scared to experiment to capture their ideal shot. “Food photography is an art,” she says. “It’s about capturing moments, emotions, and memories.”

From her work as a food photographer and exploring all the delicious eats in Austin, it’s clear that Mica McCook of the Austin Food Guide has found the perfect combination of her passions. She invites all foodies to join her in exploring the city’s amazing eats and sharing their amazing creations with others.

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