Cranborne Audio Unveils New Carnaby HE2 Rack-Mounted Harmonic Equalizer for Pro Audio Enthusiasts

Cranborne Audio Announces Carnaby HE2 Rack-Mounted Harmonic Equalizer

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Cranborne Audio Announces Carnaby HE2 Rack-Mounted Harmonic Equalizer

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Cranborne Audio has made a significant addition to their product lineup with the announcement of the Carnaby HE2 Rack-Mounted Harmonic Equalizer. This exciting new product is set to revolutionize the way audio professionals shape and manipulate sound.


The Carnaby HE2 boasts a wide range of features, including dual-channel operation, a 4-band equalizer, and a unique harmonic generation circuit. These features give users unparalleled control over their audio signal, allowing for precise and nuanced adjustments to tone and timbre.


With the Carnaby HE2, audio engineers and musicians alike will have the ability to add warmth, depth, and character to their recordings with ease. The unit’s intuitive controls and powerful processing make it a must-have tool for anyone serious about achieving high-quality sound.


The Carnaby HE2 is designed for use in professional studio environments, as well as live sound and broadcast applications. Its rack-mounted form factor makes it easy to integrate into existing setups, and its robust construction ensures reliability in any setting.


The Carnaby HE2 is set to be released in the coming months, with pre-orders available soon. This highly anticipated product is expected to see high demand, so early reservation is recommended for those looking to secure their unit.

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