Cooking Up Cinematic Magic: Announcing the SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

Cooke Announces the New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

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Cooke Announces the New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

Cooke Optics, a leader in the professional cinematography industry, is proud to present its new full-frame cine lens line. The company’s newest addition to its already highly acclaimed products is the coveted S7/i Full Frame Plus and cine-style S7/i Full Frame lenses. The line also includes Lumiere and Anamorphic/i lenses, in addition to the new S7/i Full Frame Plus zooms.

The SP3 line of Full Frame cine lenses is designed for shooting on digital cameras. The lens series includes a range of focal lengths from 16mm to 300mm. Cooke’s acclaimed and award-winning T6 Technology is featured in this line of lenses, which provides enhanced resolution and contrast that can only be achieved with a Cooke lens. This helps filmmakers create stunning visuals even on today’s high resolution digital cameras.

The S7/i Full Frame Plus lenses feature Cooke’s exclusive Endcap Technology. This technology allows lens designers to replace the conventional cine lens front element with an optically superior endcap, which eliminates the need for an optical adapter when changing lenses. This new technology creates an efficient and cinematic experience when shooting with different lens focal lengths.

The SP3 Full Frame cine lens line also includes Lumiere and Anamorphic/i lenses. The Lumiere lenses provide a unique look with their signature ‘highlight bloom’ and the Anamorphic/i lenses deliver an organic, artistic look with their unique bokeh. Both lens lines are designed for use on digital cameras and feature minimal breathing as well as low distortion.

Cooke’s SP3 cine lens line is the perfect addition to any filmmaker’s arsenal. With the wide range of focal lengths and lenses available from Cooke Optics, filmmakers can capture beautiful visuals in even the most challenging shooting scenarios. The cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship that goes into Cooke lenses make them the choice of the professional filmmaker.

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