Cooke Creates Cinematic Magic with New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

Cooke Announces the New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

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Cooke Announces the News SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line

Cooke Optics, the world-renowned manufacturer of premium lenses for cinematography, recently announced the new SP3 Full Frame cine lens line.

This exciting new range of lenses is engineered to provide filmmakers of all levels with the creative flexibility and exceptional image quality that Cooke Optics are known for. The lenses are designed to cover the full acoustic frame and deliver superb resolution, offering the best-in-class optical performance and the assurance of reliable image quality.

The SP3 series includes nine S4/I Prime Lenses, three Zoom Lenses and a 2x Extender. Each lens is designed with a mechanical and electronic system that allows them to work with virtually any modern digital motion picture camera.

The lenses have a smooth iris to capture subtle changes in light and colour, providing filmmakers with the control they need to bring their unique visions to the screen. The focusing system also offers hyper recognize focusing abilities, allowing filmmakers to quickly and accurately set their focus manually or control remotely.

The SP3 series is made to be both lightweight and robust, providing filmmakers with the convenience and portability they need to make the most of their productions. They are also designed for accurate colour matching between different lenses, making them ideal for multi-camera shoots.

The new SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line from Cooke Optics is sure to be a hit with filmmakers looking for the best in optical performance and creative freedom. It is available now from authorised Cooke Optics dealers.

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