Comparing the Sony a7CII and a7CR: Which is Right for You

Sony a7CII vs. a7CR: What's the Difference?

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Sony A7CII vs A7CR: What’s the Difference?

Sony’s flagship full-frame cameras have undergone a major upgrade for 2020. The Sony A7CII and A7CR share many of the same features, but there are a few important differences that should be noted in order to make an informed decision when choosing between the two.

Size & Weight

The Sony A7CR is significantly larger and heavier than the A7CII. The A7CR measures 138 x 97 x 88mm and weighs 766g, whereas the A7CII measures 124 x 71 x 59mm and weighs 660g. The A7CR is bulkier and heavier, but it’s still manageable to carry around. The A7CII is considerably more compact and portable.

Features & Performance

Both cameras feature the same 24.2MP full-frame BSI Exmor CMOS sensor. However, the A7CR has an extended autofocus system with 567 selectable points, which gives it better focusing accuracy and speed than the A7CII. The A7CR is also capable of shooting 4K at 30fps, whereas the A7CII can only shoot up to Full HD at 120fps.


When it comes to video recording, the A7CR has some added features and enhancements. It has an S-Log2/3 and HLG gamma profile for better color accuracy when editing. It also has a focus peaking mode and zebra pattern displays to make it easier to keep track of focus. The A7CII is also capable of recording 4K 30fps video, but it lacks the advanced video features of the A7CR.


The Sony A7CR is the more advanced camera of the two. It offers extended autofocus and video capabilities that are not available on the A7CII. If you are looking for a professional-grade full-frame camera for video or photography, the A7CR is the way to go. However, if you are looking for a more compact and portable camera, the A7CII is the better choice.

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