Compact Medium Format: The Hasselblad XCD 2.5/90v Lens

Hasselblad XCD 2.5/90v: A Lightweight Medium Format Lens

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Hasselblad XCD 2.5/90v: A Lightweight Medium Format Lens

The Hasselblad XCD 2.5/90v lens is a lightweight yet powerful medium format lens. The XCD 2.5/90v is part of the renowned Hasselblad XCD lens family used with medium format cameras. This high-performance lens is capable of capturing stunningly sharp images, making it an ideal choice for professional photographers.


The XCD 2.5/90v lens is easy to use and offers high image quality. Its compact and portable design makes it suitable for carrying around with medium format cameras. Its lightweight construction and fast aperture make it the perfect choice for shooting in low light conditions. It also features an integrated central lens shutter, which allows for silent and faster shutter speeds.


The lens is designed to be versatile, allowing you to capture a variety of subjects. It features a wide angle-of-view, allowing you to capture landscapes or close up subjects. Its fast aperture also allows for creative depth-of-field control and enables you to achieve beautiful bokeh effects.


The XCD 2.5/90v lens is packed with features and offers excellent optical performance. It features two aspherical elements and one low-dispersion element that helps to reduce chromatic aberrations, resulting in sharper images. Its high-end optical construction is optimized to reduce distortion and vignetting for an improved image quality. The lens is also weather and dust resistant, making it the ideal choice for outdoor photography.


The Hasselblad XCD 2.5/90v lens is the perfect choice for professional photographers looking for a lightweight and capable medium format lens. Its premium construction, excellent optical performance, and easy usability make it an ideal choice for a variety of shooting scenarios. Whether you are looking to capture sweeping landscapes or stunning close-up shots, the XCD 2.5/90v lens is the perfect companion for any medium format camera.

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