COLBOR Unveils Revolutionary CL220R RGB COB LED

COLBOR Announces the CL220R RGB COB LED

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COLBOR Announces the CL220R RGB COB LED

COLBOR introduces the new CL220R RGB Color Changing COB LED for all lighting designers. This is the latest addition to COLBOR’s line of revolutionary LED lighting solutions.

The CL220R is a Cree COB LED equipped with red, green, and blue colors for a wide range of color changing applications. This color changing LED is ideal for lighting applications that require powerful, high-quality, and cost-effective lighting. It can be used for general lighting, accent lighting, and dynamic color changing.

The CL220R features a CRI rating of 95+ and an average lifetime of 50,000 hours. This LED is highly efficient, with a wide beam angle of 120 degrees, which allows for more even illumination across a wide area. The LED is also compatible with standard dimmers.

The CL220R is designed with superior heat dissipation to ensure long-lasting performance. It features a high-quality heatsink and built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating. Its highly efficient design makes it an ideal solution for any lighting project.

The CL220R RGB COB LED is easy to install and setup, making it an ideal solution for any lighting application. This LED is available in both indoor and outdoor models, and it is compatible with a wide range of controllers, dimmers, and accessories for a customizable lighting solution.

The CL220R RGB COB LED is a reliable and efficient LED lighting solution designed to meet the needs of all lighting designers. Whether you need a powerful, vibrant light source for general lighting or creative color changing applications, the CL220R RGB COB LED has you covered.

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