CFexpress Type B Cobalt Cards Power Up with ProGrade Digital Performance Boost

ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B Cobalt Cards Receive Speed and Capacity Upgrades

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ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B Cobalt Cards Receive Speed and Capacity Upgrades

ProGrade Digital has just announced upgrades to its CFexpress Type B Cobalt memory cards, including numerous speed and capacity improvements. The move comes as the company continuously seeks to optimize the performance and capabilities of its products.

The new cards boast read speeds up to 1700MB/s, a considerable increase over the 1300MB/s provided by the previous version of cards. This translates into improved performance when capturing high-resolution photos, especially when shooting RAW, or recording 4K and 8K video.

The write speeds on the new cards have also seen a significant increase, from 950MB/s to 1400MB/s, allowing you to transfer data more quickly to the card. This makes the cards an ideal choice for photographers looking to transfer large files quickly, as well as for videographers capturing large quantities of high-resolution footage in less time.

In addition to the speed upgrades, the capacity of the new cards has also seen an improvement. The cards now come in a whopping 512GB version, double the capacity of the previous version, making them perfect for capturing extensive amounts of footage without having to worry about running out of space.

The new cards come with all the features of the previous version, including full exFAT compatibility, and undergone rigorous testing to ensure 100% compatability with any CFexpress-enabled camera or device.

Thanks to the upgrades, ProGrade Digital’s CFexpress Type B Cobalt cards are now the ideal choice for photographers and videographers seeking reliable memory cards with excellent speeds and capacities.

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