Celestial Captures: Mastering Moon Photography with Autumn Schrock

Teton Perspectives: Photographing the Moon, with Autumn Schrock

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Teton Perspectives: Photographing the Moon with Autumn Schrock

Autumn Schrock, a renowned photographer in the Teton Valley, shares her insights on capturing the beauty of the moon through her lens.

Understanding the Moon

According to Schrock, understanding the moon’s phases and behavior is crucial in planning a successful moon photography session.

The Right Equipment

Schrock emphasizes the importance of using a sturdy tripod and a telephoto lens to capture detailed shots of the moon.

Mastering the Settings

Adjusting the camera’s settings, such as the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, is essential in achieving the perfect exposure for moon photography.

Finding the Perfect Location

Schrock suggests scouting for a location with minimal light pollution and interesting foreground elements to create visually captivating moon photos.

Patience and Perseverance

Photographing the moon requires patience and perseverance, as it may take several attempts to capture the desired shot due to changing weather conditions and lunar phases.

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