Celebrating 50 Years of Dedication: Reflections from Longstanding B&H Employees

50 Years in the Making: Long-Time B&H Employees Reflect on Their Tenure

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50 Years in the Making: Long-Time B&H Employees Reflect on Their Tenure

The company has withstood the test of time, and so have these employees. When it comes to consumer electronics, B&H Photo Video has been a leader for 50 years. By providing quality products and excellent customer service, they have become one of the go-to shops for tech enthusiasts and photographers. Now, to celebrate the longevity of the company they decided to hear from some of their longest-serving employees.

For these long-time employees, it’s not just about their job but about their extended family. When asked about their experiences, each employee was quick to point out how they feel about B&H like it’s a family. Sidney M, who started in 1975, credits his coworkers for making it easy to come to work each day. Elizabeth K, who has worked over 25 years as a product manager, now works with people she considers family.

These employees have seen the company grow, change and evolve over the years. Every employee has seen different changes within the company and has adapted with it. According to Leonard C, who started in 1988 in customer service, the biggest changes revolved around technology. He cites the switch from manual order processing to automation as one of the most significant adjustments.

Aside from work, these employees have done much more, forming lasting attachments to the B&H community. Long-time employees remarked how they have volunteered for events and worked together to make the company a success. William W, who has been an audio engineer for 20 years says his involvement allows him to understand the mission of the company on a deeper level. When asked what his favorite part of being at B&H is, he had different answer. “That everyone puts in 100% effort and this is our passion is what I love best,” he said.

These employees are proud to be part of an organization that has stood the test of time. As the employees think about the past 50 years and the accomplishments of the company, they know that the future will bring even more. Each of these individuals expressed a deep sense of pride and an eager anticipation for what’s to come.

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