Capturing Life’s Beauty Despite Chronic Illness: A Photographer’s Perspective

Living with Chronic Illness as a Photographer

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Living With Chronic Illness as a Photographer

Having a chronic illness is challenging for anyone at any time – but, as a photographer, it can be particularly tough. It can be difficult to carry heavy equipment around, or to spend long hours standing or sitting behind a camera. Not to mention the low energy and mental drain sometimes associated with chronic illnesses. But, it is possible to continue pursuing your passion as a photographer, even with a chronic illness.

Be Prepared

When battling a chronic illness, preparation is key. Make sure to pack everything you might need ahead of time – including medication, water, snacks, a comfortable seat, and any other supplies that may be necessary depending on the length and type of shoot. It’s also a good idea to bring a friend or family member who can assist with setting up and carrying equipment.

Find Balance

Some days, taking on a photography job may be impossible due to chronic illness. It’s important to recognize when it is not feasible, and to create a balance that works for you when it comes to pursuing your passion. Making sure to rest and take breaks while shooting is essential. This could be in the form of shorter shoots, or simply taking more frequent breaks in between periods of standing or sitting.

Prioritize Your Health

Above all, remember to take care of your health. Don’t push yourself too far and take every precaution necessary if you do choose to take on a job. With the proper planning and preparation, it is possible to enjoy photography while managing a chronic illness.

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