Capturing Life Through the Lens: A Conversation with Jesse Marlow

Leica Stories: In Conversation with Jesse Marlow

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Leica Stories: In Conversation with Jesse Marlow


Leica Stories is a series of interviews with renowned photographers who have used Leica cameras to capture their iconic images. In this edition, we sit down with Jesse Marlow, an award-winning street photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Early Beginnings

Marlow’s fascination with photography began at a young age, influenced by his father who was also a photographer. He started shooting with a Leica camera early in his career and has never looked back.

Signature Style

Marlow is known for his unique approach to street photography, often capturing unexpected moments and fleeting interactions in urban environments. His use of light and shadow adds a distinct mood to his photographs.

Love for Leica

When asked about his choice of camera, Marlow emphasizes the reliability and precision of his Leica. He appreciates the simplicity of its design, allowing him to focus on the moment rather than fumbling with complicated settings.

Memorable Projects

Throughout his career, Marlow has worked on several notable projects, including documenting the streets of Melbourne and exploring the concept of “don’t just tell them, show them” in photography. His images have been exhibited globally and received critical acclaim.

Advice for Aspiring Photographers

For aspiring photographers, Marlow emphasizes the importance of patience and observation. He encourages them to find their own voice and not to be afraid of making mistakes. “The best images often come from unexpected moments,” he advises.


Leica Stories: In Conversation with Jesse Marlow offers a glimpse into the creative mind of a talented photographer who has mastered the art of capturing the essence of everyday life. His dedication to his craft and love for his Leica camera continue to inspire photographers around the world.

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