Capturing Bright and Bold Jewelry on a Model: The Ultimate Guide

Photographing Jewelry on a Model

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Photographing Jewelry on a Model

The key to a great jewelry photograph is proper preparation. Jewelry photography can be a very rewarding venture if you take the time to prepare beforehand and are willing to put in the effort to create the best possible image. Photographing jewelry on a model is no different. When photographing jewelry on a model, the photographer should take into consideration the lighting, jewelry design, and model to create an eye-catching image.


Having the right tools and equipment is key to creating a successful jewelry photograph. A digital camera with good image resolution is essential to capturing all the details of the jewelry. It is also important to use a steady tripod or other stable support to avoid camera shake. Proper lighting also contributes to a successful photograph. If shooting indoors, a large window with natural light is the best option, though strobes can be used in a pinch.


Proper lighting can make or break a jewellery photograph. A soft, even light will bring out the jewelry’s features and details. If using a window, a white reflector can be used to fill in shadows. For a more dramatic effect, additional lights such as a strobe can be used. The photographer should experiment with different lighting angles and intensities to achieve the desired effect.


The jewelry design can greatly affect the final photograph. Photographers should consider the shape, color, and size of the jewelry to make sure it will stand out against the model. Experiment with different backgrounds and angles to make sure the jewelry is highlighted in the photograph.


The model chosen can have a big impact on the overall photograph. The pose, facial expression, and make-up should be taken into consideration to ensure the model will complement the jewelery. The model should also be comfortable wearing the jewelry so the image comes across as natural and effortless.


Photographing jewelry on a model is a great way to showcase jewelry pieces. With the right preparation, lighting, design, and model, the final photograph will be a stunning and captivating image.

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