Capturing Beauty:Jerry Ghionis Shares Tips for Outdoors Portrait Photography

The Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, with Jerry Ghionis

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The Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, with Jerry Ghionis

The Outdoor Portrait Photography Series is a unique learning opportunity for photographers of any skill level. Led by acclaimed photographer Jerry Ghionis, this series covers the fundamentals of outdoor portrait photography. From planning and execution to post-production and photo delivery, participants will learn all the technical and creative aspects of outdoor portrait photography.

What to Expect Participants will learn the skills necessary for the successful creation of outdoor portraits. From sourcing the perfect location to finding the best light and angles, every detail of the process will be covered. Techniques such as lens selection, camera settings, metering, and composition will be discussed. Additionally, Jerry Ghionis will cover topics such as how to create interesting and powerful compositions from natural elements, how to convey emotion and establish moods, as well as how to create images that capture perfect skin tones in any light.

Benefits During this series, participants will have the opportunity to work with Jerry Ghionis himself. He will personally review participants’ portfolios and provide honest feedback. Additionally, after completing the course, every participant will receive an online portfolio that will contain their best images.

Conclusion If you are looking to improve your outdoor portrait photography skills, the Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, with Jerry Ghionis is the perfect learning opportunity. With Jerry’s expert guidance, you will develop skills and gain confidence that will enable you to create stunning outdoor portraits.

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