Capture Your Vision: A Comprehensive Look at RED’s DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit!


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RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit 710-0318

RED Digital Cinema delivers professional video performance with the DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit. The DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit from RED Digital Cinema packs the essential features and performance necessary for high-end motion picture capture in a frame that can take advantage of smaller cameras.

You get an extremely lightweight and versatile form factor. The RED DRAGON-X exposure and sensitivity specs allow the shooter to take advantage of the advantages of smaller cameras. Additionally, the DSMC2 platform gives the colorist the maximum number of options for grading in post-production.

The DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera features 6K resolution and up to 120 fps performance. This means filmmakers can capture sharper images with superior detail, allowing for wider range of motion direction. Additionally, the Kit includes a Canon EF Lens Mount and RED Mini-Mag 512GB SSD to facilitate easy file recording.

High-end features along with a robust set of accessories make this kit the perfect choice. This includes a Dragonbrain Tactical Monitor/Recorder, an LCD Top-Handle, a Shop Varavon Standard V-Mount Plate, a Wooden Camera Easy Top Handle, a RED 8mm Tedial 16-inch Focus Riser and more.

Shop B&H Photo today for RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit 710-0318. This masterpiece of video capture and performance is ready to help you take your filmmaking to the next level. Get yourRED Digital Cinema DSMC2 DRAGON-X Camera Kit 710-0318 today!

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