Capture the Moment Perfectly: The Benefits of Tethering in Portraiture

The Advantages of Tethering in Portraiture

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The Advantages of Tethering in Portraiture

Tethering is the practice of connecting a camera to a computer or other device in order to take photos and store them directly onto that device. This is a distinct advantage for photographers looking to take portrait shots, as it allows them to have a better viewing monitor for the photos and also keep their post-processing workflow more organized. Let’s look at some of the ways that tethering can help make taking portraiture photos easier and more efficient.

Instant Viewing and Editing

Tethering typically provides larger viewing displays and also allows the photographer to view the photos right away. This is incredibly helpful when taking portraiture photographs as you can view them right away and make any necessary adjustments to them on the spot. Furthermore, being able to store the photos right away helps you to stay on task and have more time for retouching and editing later.

Integrated Workflow

Having a dedicated workflow set up with tethering makes taking portraiture photos much simpler and more organized. You can take the photo, store it directly onto your computer and then begin going through the workflow with a few simple clicks of the mouse, from selecting this image for edit to starting the post-processing workflow. This also eliminates the need to manually move the photos from one device to another, or manually launch various programs to edit and save the photos.

Time & Space Savings

Lastly, having a tethering setup helps with time management. You don’t have to worry about running back and forth between a camera and a computer (or laptop) in order to capture, view, and store the photos. Furthermore, sometimes the cameras may be in awkward spots or you might be working in a small space. Tethering will save you from having to manually move the cameras in order to access them.

Overall, using tethering for portraiture photography can be a great asset. It helps to save time, provide organization and even free up valuable space. By having a sophisticated tethering setup, you can create a seamless and efficient workflow and have more time to focus on improving your portraiture taking skills.

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