Capture Sharp Shots with the Z CAM E2-M5G Global Shutter Cine Camera

Capture Crisp Action with the Z CAM E2-M5G Global Shutter Cine Camera

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Capture Crisp Action with the Z CAM E2-M5G Global Shutter Cine Camera

The Z CAM E2-M5G is a powerful cine camera for imaging professionals. It is the latest addition to the Z CAM lineup of professional cameras and offers incredible features for the fastest, most impressive action captures. Beastly performance and advanced image stabilization technology combine to give this camera the edge when shooting extreme motion.

The E2-M5G features a global shutter. This offers unbeatable sharpness and clarity for capturing fast-moving objects. With its wide dynamic range and accurate color, the resulting footage is ultra-crisp with minimal motion blur. When every detail needs to be crystal clear, this camera is ideal.

The Z CAM E2-M5G stimulates creativity. With an ergonomic design and efficient menu system, it’s easy to set up and record shots. Similarly, the superior low-light performance means you can use natural light and still get great results. With its feature-packed hardware, the camera is prepared to tackle projects of all sizes.

The E2-M5G unleashes the creative imagination. With its vast array of input and output options, the camera can be set up to capture fantastic video in various formats. High-resolution encoders, a H.265 codec and timecode support enable the capture of richer images in 10-bit color depths. This camera is powerful enough to spark creativity with its stunning performance.

The Z CAM E2-M5G is the ultimate cine camera. With its impressive capability, it is perfectly suited to capture crisp action and stunning images without motion blur. Its global shutter and ergonomic design ensure that it is easy to use and incredibly responsive. Bringing the highest levels of performance to the table, the E2-M5G is a must-have for high-quality video capture.

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