Capture Professional Quality Video with the JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder

JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3

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JVC GY-HC900C20 2/3″ HD Connected Camcorder

JVC GY-HC900C20 B&H is a high-end camcorder, designed to capture impressive video footage and photos. It offers a combination of broadcast-quality image sensors, low-light performance, professional audio, and unrivalled connectivity. This camera is capable of both HD and UHD 4K recording, with the added benefit of automatically uploading and streaming footage to a variety of platforms.

High Quality Image Sensors

The GY-HC900C20 is equipped with three 2/3″ HD image sensors, which is called a three chip CMOS sensor lay. It allows the camera to capture broadcast-quality video. It also has improved low-light performance and a wide dynamic range.

Excellent Connectivity

The camera has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet ports, allowing it to wirelessly connect to a variety of devices, such as your PC, laptop, phone, tablet, or TV. It also supports live streaming and automatically uploading footage to popular platforms. You can also use it with a remote viewing app to monitor and control the camcorder from a distance.

Versatile Recording

The GY-HC900C20 supports a variety of recording formats, including HD, UHD 4K, JVC ProHD, and XAVC-I. It also features LCD touchscreen, focus assist, timecode, and more. The camera is designed to provide a solid and reliable performance in any environment.


The JVC GY-HC900C20 is a powerful camcorder, designed to capture high-quality video footage and photos with its advanced image sensors, low-light performance, and exceptional connectivity. It is an ideal choice for professional cinematographers who need a reliable camera that can be used in a variety of environments. It is available at B&H.

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