Capture High-Quality Video with the JVC GY-HM180U 4K Camcorder

JVC GY-HM180 Ultra HD 4K Camcorder with HD-SDI GY-HM180U B&H

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Overview of the JVC GY-HM180 Ultra HD 4K Camcorder with HD-SDI

The JVC GY-HM180U is a 4K camcorder that enables professional quality video production in an affordable package. It delivers remarkably sharp, compact, and lightweight images in Ultra HD quality with an enhanced sensitivity for low-light situations. Built-in professional features such as HD-SDI, Genlock, and Timecode In/Out increase the camcorder’s versatility and productivity. This camcorder is the perfect choice for capturing memorable moments with beautiful and reliable images.

Benefits of the JVC GY-HM180U Camcorder

Its small size and ergonomic design make the JVC GY-HM180U perfect for run-and-gun shooters. The camcorder is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to hold for long shoots. It is also durable, making it great for travel.

The camcorder’s sensors are ideal for gathering the most accurate and vibrant colors in any environment. Its low-light performance is enhanced with an increase in sensitivity and improved noise reduction for dimly-lit locations.

HD-SDI B&H Features of the GY-HM180U

The HD-SDI output is essential for studios and most professional video production setups. This feature allows the camcorder to output the signal to a monitor or recording device with ease. You can also use the HD-SDI to genlock HD camcorders for a multi-cam setup.

The B&H package includes a variety of accessories that every professional needs. These include a microphone, lens hood, battery and charger, and an SD card. This kit provides everything needed to start shooting in Ultra HD quality.


The JVC GY-HM180U is the perfect camcorder for the professional shooter on the go. It offers superior image quality in a small and lightweight package. All the features of the camcorder are amplified by the HD-SDI output and the variety of accessories included in the B&H package. These tools make the camcorder perfect for capturing stunning images in any environment.

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