Capture Cinema-Quality Video with Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Cinema 4K Box Camera

Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Cinema 4K Box Camera DC-BGH1 B&H Photo

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Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Cinema 4K Box Camera

The Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Cinema 4K Box Camera is a powerful camera designed to produce high-quality images and videos with great accuracy. This camera offers multiple shooting formats, including 4K 10-bit video and high-end broadcast quality 4K 12-bit video. It is also just one part of a larger system created for professional filmmakers and photographers. The BGH1 also includes a range of interchangeable lenses and other accessories which can be used to expand its capabilities.

Features of the Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Camera

The BGH1 offers various features to enhance the video and photography it produces. These features include a variety of frame rates, advanced Gamma settings, and two built-in stereo microphones for superior sound capture. It also has improved autofocus capabilities to keep subject matter sharp and crisp. Additionally, the Panasonic BGH1 has a variety of ports and connections for both power and audio/video output.

The BHG1 from B&H Photo

The BHG1 purchase from B&H Photo comes with several additional items to get started shooting quickly. Included in the package are an APS-C lens adapter, two Panasonic DMW-BLC12 batteries, a DMW-BLJ31 external charger, and a power cable. There is also a 5-year limited warranty on the Panasonic BGH1.


The Panasonic BGH1 LUMIX Cinema 4K Box Camera is a high-end camera with a variety of features designed to help create the best possible images and videos. Adding to the camera’s capabilities are the additional items provided with the purchase from B&H Photo. This package gives users the tools they need to get started with the Panasonic BGH1 right away.

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