Capture 4K Resolution Video with the Canon XA75 UHD Camcorder!

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Canon XA75 UHD 4K30 Camcorder with Dual-Pixel Autofocus: A Game Changer

The Canon XA75 UHD 4K30 Camcorder with Dual-Pixel Autofocus has been a game-changer in the realm of videography and filmmaking. It delivers the highest image quality with both 4K Ultra High Definition video and 20.2 MP stills, with stunning resolution and levels of details.

Styles and Configurations

The Canon XA75 has a variety of styles and configurations available, to suit many filmmaking needs. It features a 20x optical zoom, 59.4mm wide-angle lens and an expansive 18 cm focal length. It also has manual 3-ring lens control, providing an ergonomic experience for both the beginners and professionals. Additionally, the XA75 offers Dual-Pixel Autofocus, which includes Face Detection, Tracking and Object Autofocus.

Other Features

The Canon XA75 also offers a wide range of other features. The Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus technology offers lightning-fast focusing with extraordinary accuracy, even when zooming in to subjects. It also has a removable handle for versatility, allowing for a variety of configurations, such as shoulder-mounted or tripod-mounted styles. Additionally, it has an expandable array of terminals for input and output.

‘Cinema Look’ Filter

The Canon XA75 also offers a unique ‘Cinema Look’ Filter which helps provide a cinematic look to your videos. This filter further improves the quality of the images shot in low-light conditions and adds a unique and professional-looking dynamic range.


The Canon XA75 UHD 4K30 Camcorder with Dual-Pixel Autofocus is an excellent choice for any videographer or filmmaker looking to achieve the highest level of image quality and accuracy. It features a variety of styles and configurations, and offers unique features such as the ‘Cinema Look’ Filter, along with Dual Pixel Autofocus and a variety of other features which makes this camera an ideal tool for both newcomers and professionals.

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