Canon Unveils Versatile PTZ Camera, Controller, and RF-Mount Cinema Lenses Package

Canon's New PTZ Camera, Camera Controller, and RF-Mount Cinema Lenses

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Canon Announces its New PTZ Camera, Camera Controller, and RF-Mount Cinema Lenses

Canon is continuing to expand its range of broadcast and cinematography products with the introduction of two new HD PTZ cameras, a remotecontrolled Camera Controller, and ten new RF Mount Cinema lenses. The new cameras are the XF705 and XF405, both designed with a range of features and options that make them perfect for Professional HD shooting.

The XF705 is capable of capturing 4K/50p footage with its 1-inch CMOS sensor, making it ideal for capturing detail even in low-light situations. It also offers 12x optical zoom with a wide-angle lens, and up to 20x digital zoom, as well as a range of connections including Dual SDI and an HDMI output. It also comes with a range of shooting options, including picture profiles, Log Gamma, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) recording.

The XF405 is similar to the XF705 but with a smaller 1/2.3-inch sensor and a 10x optical zoom. It is also capable of recording in 4K/50p, with a range of connection options including Dual SDI and HDMI, and the same range of shooting options as the XF705. Both cameras also come with an Ethernet connector for camera control, which supports the new Canon Camera Controller.

The Camera Controller is a remote control unit designed to allow users to control multiple cameras remotely from a single device. It has a simple, intuitive interface and a range of features including focus and zoom controls, iris control, scene files, and profile memory functions. The Camera Controller is compatible with both the XF705 and XF405, as well as a range of other Canon XF, XF-T, and XF-V PTZ cameras.

Finally, Canon has also released ten new RF Mount Cinema lenses to complement its range of RF-mount cameras. The lenses range from the wide-angle CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 L S lens to the telephoto CN-E 135-420mm T2.8 L S lens, and include a range of zooms as well as primes. The lenses feature Canon’s proprietary optical properties, such as Mosaic Engineer Technology and Air Sphere Coating, for superior image quality.

Canon’s new range of products is set to revolutionise the world of broadcast and cinematography, offering professionals a range of options for capturing stunning images. With the new HD PTZ cameras, Camera Controller, and RF Mount Cinema Lenses, Canon is sure to provide the tools creative professionals need to bring their visions to life.

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