Canon Takes Cinema Cameras to Next Level with R5C and C70 Kits

Canon Announces EOS R5C and C70 Cinema Camera Kits

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Canon Announces EOS R5C and C70 Cinema Camera Kits

Canon has unveiled two new cinema camera kits, the EOS R5C and the EOS C70. Both kits provide filmmakers with the tools they need to capture professional-grade content. The EOS R5C and the EOS C70 come with a range of different lenses, rigs, and other accessories.

The EOS R5C and EOS C70 are Canon’s newest additions to its lineup of professional cinema cameras. The EOS R5C is a full-frame mirrorless camera capable of recording 8K resolution video, while the EOS C70 is a Cinema EOS camera with a 4K-useable Super 35mm CMOS sensor. Both the R5C and C70 come with a range of new features and image quality controls.

The EOS R5C is expected to appeal to filmmakers seeking higher resolution video as well as more control over the look and feel of their footage. The camera boasts an 8K sensor with a wide color gamut and improved dynamic range, along with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for improved subject tracking. It also has a wide range of frame rates, from 24p all the way up to 120p, as well as an in-camera recording function for detailed log files and metadata.

The EOS C70, on the other hand, is designed for cinematic footage with a more shallow depth-of-field. Its 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor supports up to 60p recording, and it has a Dual Gain Output System for extended dynamic range. It also has a built-in keypad for easy menus and settings control, and a variety of other features like 4K/120p recording, Dual ISP Position, and 12G-SDI/HDMI output support.

The EOS R5C and EOS C70 camera kits come equipped with Canon’s extensive range of EF and Cinema series lenses. The lens selection includes both conventional and tilt-shift lenses, as well as super-telephoto lenses for sports and wildlife shooting. There’s also a range of rigs and other accessories, including focus pullers and tripods, designed specifically for the EOS R5C and EOS C70.

Both the EOS R5C and EOS C70 are designed to provide filmmakers with reliable professional-grade performance and control. Canon has also designed a new control system for the cameras that allows users to adjust settings quickly and easily from a laptop or mobile device. The new control system is expected to improve workflow and make the cameras even more user-friendly.

The EOS R5C and EOS C70 are expected to hit store shelves in the coming months. They will be available as both body-only kits and kits with a range of lens and accessory options. Canon is also expected to release more information about the cameras in the weeks ahead.

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