Brighten Up Your Shoots with the Aputure LS 600c Pro RGB LED Monolight!

Aputure LS 600c Pro RGB LED Monolight (V-Mount) AP30126A20 B&H

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Aputure LS 600c Pro RGB LED Monolight (V-Mount) AP30126A20 B&H

The Aputure LS 600c Pro is a for photographers and videographers covering a wide range of uses from interviews to weddings. This monolight uses a variable color temperature range from 2000 to 12000K, plus a CRI of 96+, providing exceptional color accuracy. It features Aputure’s patented LED inner particle lens technology that disperses the light from the LEDs much more evenly. It’s also capable of providing up to a 0%-100% dimming range in either manual or DMX-controlled operation. For added convenience, the light is compatible with the Aputure HR672W multi-function remote control.

The Aputure LS 600c Pro is a versatile light for both the studio and on-location shooting. It is designed with a V-mount battery plate so you can power it up with a V-mount battery for unlimited runtime. It also has an AC adapter for outdoor shooting and studio applications. This light has both DMX and Manual modes for full control, allowing the user to adjust the light strength, color temperature, and channel groups.

The Aputure LS 600c Pro is packed with silent fan-less cooling system. It utilizes a large cooling area increasing heat dissipation rate to support prolonged use. This advanced cooling system helps in keeping a quiet, non-distracting environment while maximizing the life of the LEDs. Additionally, this light uses a UL94-5V fire-retardant plastic frame making it very safe to use in any studio or on-location environment.

Overall, the Aputure LS 600c Pro is an excellent choice for photographers and videographers. This light combines brilliant output, adjustable color temperature, high CRI, and low power consumption to meet any lighting requirements. With its ultra-quiet fan-less design and V-mount battery compatibility, it is an ideal light for photo and video production.

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