Bright Tangerine Unveils New Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories

New Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories from Bright Tangerine

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Bright Tangerine’s New Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories

The Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories promises to take movie making to a whole new level of realism and creativity. In its new and improved version, the Bright Tangerine has made a serious investment into its craftsmanship. The matte box uses only premium materials and inspired design. This is a box that has been designed for the highest quality and peace of mind of any cinematographer.

The matte box includes ultimate sharpness with a unique 6-position light control. With this light control, you can easily adjust the levels of brightness and contrast for seamless results. With this feature, you are able to bring out the best level of detail in your footage. The box can also be moved and adjusted for different shots angles with its dual swing arm system.

The matte box has an impressive range of accessories to pair up with it. In addition to the 6 position light control, you have access to side flags, filter stages, and a clip-on adapter. All of this makes it easier to create professional-looking videos in any environment. Additionally, the matte box is also designed for durability and protection. It can withstand everyday use in even the toughest conditions.

The key to the Misfit Kick Mk II’s excellence is a combination of its design and cutting edge technology. Bright Tangerine has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a matte box to a whole new level. With the Misfit Kick Mk II, you get the best in both quality and flexibility. This is a matte box that is designed to last and finished to be as comfortable as possible to the user.

Bright Tangerine’s Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories is truly a revolutionary piece of equipment for cinematographers. It is capable of creating stunning visuals with ultimate sharpness and compact design. All of this makes the Misfit Kick Mk II one of the most popular matte boxes on the market, and a great purchase for any filmmaker.

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