Bright Tangerine Introduces the Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories

New Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories from Bright Tangerine

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Introducing Bright Tangerine’s New Misfit Kick Mk II Matte Box and Accessories

Bright Tangerine’s cutting-edge new Misfit Kick Mk II is sure to appeal to serious cinematographers needing a flexible and powerful on-the-go kit. Aimed at professionals looking for a light-weight yet full-featured matte box projects, Bright Tangerine’s new Misfit Kick Mk II takes the form factor from their original Misfit Kick and adds a choice of features that make it even more appealing. With its impressive modular design, tool-less assembly, and sleek look, the Misfit Kick Mk II is empowering cinematographers to capture top-tier cinema quality footage.

Fits onto Any Lens

The Misfit Kick Mk II has been designed to fit onto any lens ranging from small format to full-frame. Thanks to its Variable Platform System, it easily adapts to a range of lens diameters, eliminating the need for cumbersome lens adapters which used to be a staple of most matte boxes. It also includes a rubber hood designed to reduce lens flare, the same quality that can be found in higher cost counterparts.

Easy to Assemble

Another key feature of the Misfit Kick Mk II is its assembly: it can be set up in a matter of minutes. Its tool-less assembly eliminates the need for time-consuming adjustments – and the need to pack an extra tool just in case. What’s more, its modular design provides cinematographers with the flexibility to add accessories and configure the matte box to their unique needs.

Enhance Your Workflow with Accessories

The Misfit Kick Mk II can be equipped with various accessories, ensuring improved productivity and accuracy. These include two filters holders, two French Flags, and a HoodGuard for further lens protection. With the new accessories, you can reduce downtime and save time changing filters. Additionally, they enable cinematographers to fully customize their matte box and customize their look and achievements.

Bring Your Creativity to Life

In conclusion, Bright Tangerine’s Misfit Kick Mk II equips cinematographers to bring their creativity to life. It combines impressive features and accessories for an adaptive, great-looking, and easy-to-assemble matte box that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a passionate user or a professional in the industry, you are sure to find that the Misfit Kick Mk II is a perfect fit for your needs.

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