Boris Eldagsen Shows How AI is Making Fake Memories a Reality

Fake Memories, Promptography, and Generative AI, with Boris Eldagsen

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Fake Memories, Promptography, and Generative AI: the Art of Boris Eldagsen

Boris Eldagsen is a Berlin-based artist whose work blurs the boundaries between art and technology. His works explore how artificial intelligence can be used to generate new visual forms. Through the use of generative AI and the incorporation of materials such as found photographs, he creates images that challenge traditional conceptions of art.

Eldagsen’s “Promptography” series is a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human-crafted visuals. He develops generative algorithms that output images that are composed of both real and fictional elements. These images have been compared to “fake memories,” as the viewers are presented with visual cues that remind them of a moment that may never have happened.

Eldagsen’s art also questions our attitude toward technology and its role in our lives. He questions the idea that technology can replace human thought and creativity, while also exploring the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create something wholly new and eveb beyond the reach of humans.

The question of authenticity also looms large in Eldagsen’s work. By using found photographs as part of his generative AI process, he shakes up our understanding of what it means for an artwork to be “real” and of what constitutes “original” art.

Eldagsen’s visual experiments with generative AI have changed our understanding of art and technology. Through his unique combination of AI-generated images and found photographs, he has opened up a new way of creating art. His works continue to challenge traditional notions of art and our relationship to technology

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