BOLING Pocket LED RGB Video Light: The Perfect Tool for Videographers

BOLING Pocket LED RGB Video Light BL-P1 B&H Photo Video

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BOLING Pocket LED RGB Video Light BL-P1 B&H Photo Video

Compact and Versatile Lighting Solution

The BOLING Pocket LED RGB Video Light BL-P1 is a small and portable lighting option for videographers and photographers. It offers a range of colors and intensity levels, making it a versatile choice for a variety of shooting scenarios.

RGB Color Control

With its RGB color control feature, this video light allows users to customize the color temperature to suit their specific needs. This can be especially useful for achieving different moods and atmospheres in video and photo projects.

Built-in Special Effects

The BL-P1 is equipped with built-in special effects such as lightning, fire, and police car, making it a fun and creative tool for experimental lighting setups. These effects can add a unique touch to any production.

Wireless App Control

Users can control the light wirelessly via a dedicated app on their smartphone or tablet. This convenience allows for easy adjustments and settings changes without having to physically touch the light.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The BL-P1 has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 140 minutes of operation at full power, providing users with extended use without needing frequent recharging. This makes it a reliable option for on-the-go shooting.


The BOLING Pocket LED RGB Video Light BL-P1 from B&H Photo Video is a compact and feature-packed lighting solution that offers versatility, control, and convenience for creative professionals. Whether used for video production, photography, or creative lighting effects, this pocket-sized light delivers impressive performance in a small package.

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