Blackmagic Design Unveils Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 – Now with Cineform/Mount/Clamp/SSD

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Blackmagic Design provides the cutting-edge quality for a revolutionary cinematic experience.Blackmagic Design has come into the market of professional filmmaking with its amazing cinematic camera – the Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 6K G2/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/SSD. This camera is a versatile cinema camera featuring a Super 35 size sensor and PL mount for maximum lens customization. Blackmagic Design has also added a brand-new CFast™ media card slot that’s compatible with the latest CFast cards, allowing you to easily capture high-quality 6K footage. Additionally, you can utilize the camera’s dual ISO setting for advanced processing that allows for higher dynamic range and low-noise images.

Features of the Camera Body

The camera body provides powerful features that a professional videographer could ever dream of.The Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 6K G2/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/SSD features a robust and lightweight body that makes it well suited for on-the-go production. Its full-size controls make every adjustment effortless and the top-mounted LCD screen allows you to monitor your shot from any angle. It also includes an integrated EF lens mount that is compatible with most EF lenses, making it easier to achieve your desired angle of view.

Dynamic Range and Format Versatility

The dynamic range and format versatility of this camera are remarkable.This cinema camera offers exceptional dynamic range with its dual ISO setting. It can capture footage in high resolution with up to 14 stops of latitude, which allows you to easily bring out the details of your scene. Additionally, you can capture your footage in different file formats depending on your specific needs. It supports 8-bit ProRes 422 and 12-bit ProRes 4444 for UHD and 10-bit ProRes 422 and 12-bit ProRes 4444 for RAW recording.

Additional Accessories

The camera also comes with various additional accessories to further improve your filmmaking experience.This camera comes with several accessories that are perfect for beginner filmmakers. It includes a PL (positive lock) to EF (electronic focus) lens mount adapter, an AC power adapter, and a unique and powerful software bundle. The included software takes your cinema production to the next level. It includes Blackmagic RAW and DaVinci Resolve Studio, as well as tools for keying, color correction, editing, compositing, and more.


The Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 6K G2/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/SSD is an incredible cinematic camera and a great choice for filmmakers looking for a powerful, high-quality camera. Its advanced features, dynamic range, and format versatility make it a must-have for any aspiring videographer.

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