Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM G2 6K Camera Setup: Get Professional Quality in a Compact Package

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Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 6K G2/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TB

The Cinema Camera 6K G2 is the ideal tool for anyone. This camera from Blackmagic Design is a professional tool that is perfect for shooting in any situation. It is an advanced cinema camera with 6K resolution and features high dynamic range, wide color gamut, and advanced color science. It also comes with an impressive set of lenses, mounting plates, and other tools to enhance your shooting experience.

It surpasses any other mid-range camera system in feature and flexibility. It has a 6K Super 35mm image sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range. The camera also boasts 13 stops of dynamic range with its dual ISO capabilities. With its dual native ISO, it can reach ISO 12800. This means that the camera is capable of shooting in extremely low light environments! And its shutter speed range is 1/3 sec – 1/10000 sec.

It also has an intuitive user interface for easy control and operation. It comes with a Remote Control Dashboard, a multifunction handle, and an OLED viewfinder for better clarity and control. It is also equipped with timecode and remote start/stop trigger control. This provides an easy and efficient workflow for camera operators.

The camera also has two CFast card slots. These slots allow you to record in ProRes or DNxHD formats. With the CFast cards, you can record up to 12 bit and 4:2:2 color sampling. It also allows for recording in RAW format. With RAW, you can get even more control over your footage, as you can control the color saturation, contrast, and detail.

No matter what your shooting needs are, Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 6K G2/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TB has you covered. The camera comes with all the necessary accessories, including an adjustable plate mount, V-lock adapter, two 6.4A PSU cables, and two 2TB hard drives. With all of the included accessories, you can be sure that you will have all of the tools necessary to capture your desired footage.

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