B&H Photo’s Latest News: June 25 – July 1, 2023

B&H Photo News Roundup: Week of June 25, 2023

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B&H Photo News Roundup: Week of June 25 , 2023

This week, B&H featured incredible guidance on a range of the latest photography gear and accessories. From lenses to drones, storage solutions to media cards, they had the scoop on a wide selection of specialized products for professional photographers and filmmakers.

They also discussed their special Home of Inspiration Series, a virtual sit-down with pros who are inspiring us to continue to create, make, and innovate. The series focuses on those who revolutionizing their respective disciplines and demonstrates the power of modern photography and imaging to change the world.

The company showcased their new ‘LENSFISY M2-First-of-Its-Kind Imager’. This innovative imaging system combines the convenience of an all-in-one camera with the flexibility and precision of traditional lenses to bring users a unique and unprecedented imaging experience.

They rounded out the week with their Custom Engraving Service. With the service, users can create one-of-a-kind gifts or make beautiful personalized keepsakes, adding a personal touch to any item from their wide range of electronics and accessories.

In the face of an ever-evolving market, B&H Photo is committed to staying ahead of the curve. With an expansive array of products, detailed research guides, and unparalleled service, the company is providing customers with the latest tools and technologies to bring their creative visions to life.

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