B&H Introduces UDO Audio Synthesizers to its Lineup

B&H Welcomes UDO Audio Synthesizers

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B&H Welcomes UDO Audio Synthesizers

B&H Photo is proud to announce the addition of UDO Audio Synthesizers to their catalog. UDO Audio is a Germany-based company that specializes in producing professional level synthesizers and software for musicians and sound designers. The company’s goal is to create high-quality sounds with user-friendly interfaces that are simple to use. The addition of UDO Audio Synthesizers to B&H’s product line is sure to take music production to the next level.

Two models are currently available: the 6-voice Super 6 and the 8-voice Super 8. Both models feature an intuitive layout which makes them easy to operate. Both feature two audio outputs as well as two expression outputs, MIDI, and USB. The Super 6 also has switchable voices, up to 24 voices of polyphony, and infinite sustain. The Super 8 has 8x overdrive and up to 27 voices of polyphony.

Accompanying the synthesizers are the innovative UDOObruxFX plugins. These plugins provide expansive effects that include convolution reverb, chorus, delay, EQ, and distortion. They are compatible with all major DAWs and sound great on any track, regardless of genre. Additionally, they are exceptionally powerful yet easy to use, making them great for both amateur and experienced producers. Overall, the UDO Audio Synthesizers and plugins offer an exciting addition to B&H’s extensive collection of music production tools.

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