B&H Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Special Edition Neumann U 87 Ai Microphone

Neumann Announces Limited-Edition U 87 Ai Microphone for B&H's 50th Anniversary

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Neumann Releases Limited-Edition U 87 Ai Microphone for B&H’s 50th Anniversary

Neumann announces the release of a 50th anniversary version of its popular U 87 Ai microphone. The highly sought-after U 87 Ai mic is the iconic studio microphone Neumann first made available to the public in 1967. The limited-edition U 87 Ai microphone for B&H’s 50th anniversary is a celebration of the company’s legacy and its many years of providing audio professionals with the best digital tools available.

The new limited-edition U 87 Ai microphone from Neumann matches the performance of the original. With a frequency range of 30 Hz to 20 kHz, a three-position bass roll-off switch, and a three-position high-frequency filter, it offers the same sound quality its predecessor has been known for since the first generation of U 87 Ai mics in the late 60’s. The microphone is equipped with an acoustic labyrinth and a constructive resonance damping capsule, and features an extremely low inherent self-noise of only 12 dBA.

The new kit includes a full collection of accessories. In addition to the U 87 Ai microphone, each microphone kit includes an HPA V 630 power supply, an SG 2 stand mount, an M 206 capsule suspension, an RJ45 cable, and a wooden box with a limited-edition B&H anniversary plaque.

The anniversary edition of the U 87 Ai microphone celebrates 50 years of success for B&H. For the past fifty years, B&H has been a leader in the music industry, providing top-quality products and services for professional audio engineers, recording artists, and a variety of other sound-minded professionals. By releasing a limited-edition U 87 Ai microphone in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary, Neumann is recognizing and acknowledging the valuable role B&H has played in the audio industry.

The 50th anniversary U 87 Ai really is a special product. It is not only a highly sought-after, high-quality piece of audio equipment, but it also will serve as a collectible reminder of B&H’s milestone celebration. The 50th anniversary U 87 Ai microphone is now available for purchase at B&H.

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