Avoid These Common Pitfalls of Filmmaking

What are Common Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

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Common Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

Having a clear understanding of common filmmaking mistakes can help your film become successful. Filmmaking is a creative process and while some mistakes can be used as an art form to add a unique twist to the story, others may have a more damaging affect. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your next film.

Poor Storytelling

Storytelling should be a strong pillar in any film. Poor structure, weak narrative and an unclear plot can ruin the final product. Make sure that your story is both captivating and easy to follow. If you are unsure of the precision of your story, have someone to read it out loud and critique it.

Logical Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies create bigger problems when developing a story. Even if many viewers overlook some of these errors, like scientific inaccuracies or factual mistakes, they can still lead to problems. Before beginning to film, make sure all the scenes are thoroughly checked for logic.

Generic Visuals

Having visually stunning images can elevate your project. Generic visuals that are lacklustre and ordinary can make your film feel dull and uninspiring. Embrace unique camera angles, colourful settings and captivating scenes that will engage your audience more effectively.

Mistimed Music

Music is a powerful tool to generate emotion. If the music does not match the mood of the scene, it can be distracting for viewers and detract from the story being told. Music should be used sparingly and should compliment the editing of the scenes, but not overpower them.

Sound Issues

A good soundtrack should heighten the viewer’s experience. Poor quality sound will ruin many scenes and take away from the overall experience. Ensure that all sounds are of high quality and that the levels are correctly balanced. Additionally, ensuring that microphones are properly placed can make a huge difference.

Too Many Cuts and Effects

The right editing can help you tell a story. Too many cuts and effects can damage a scene’s narrative, become overwhelming and tacky. Respect the power of a simple shot and try to limit the number of cuts and effects when filming.


By avoiding common filmmaking mistakes, you will create a better finished product. Professional filmmaking is complex and mistakes can be made at any stage of the process, but with dedication and a keen eye for detail you can avoid the most prominent problems and create an enjoyable and compelling film.

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