Audio-Technica Launches Enhanced AT2020USB-XP Microphone

Audio-Technica Announces AT2020USB-XP Mic with Upgraded Features

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Audio-Technica Announces AT2020USB-XP Mic with Upgraded Features

Audio-Technica is proud to announce the AT2020USB-XP, an upgraded version of its popular AT2020USB microphone. It features added features and enhancements to enhance the user’s recording capabilities.

The most notable upgrade for the AT2020USB-XP is the addition of a headphone amplifier. This allows users to listen to their recordings in real-time with an improved sound quality. It also includes an adjustable gain control and a zero-latency monitoring feature for more precise adjustments.

The AT2020USB-XP also offers a more flexible XLR output. This allows the user to connect to external equipment such as mixers, preamps, and audio interfaces. It also features a two-channel USB adapter so that the mic can be connected to various USB devices simultaneously.

The mic also comes with DSP software. This software enables the user to apply different effects such as EQ, compression, and reverb to their recordings. It also includes a focusing mode that allows the user to adjust the directionality of their audio recordings.

The AT2020USB-XP is now available at a suggested retail price of $179.99. This makes it an affordable option for those looking to upgrade their audio recording capabilities. The mic is also compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and will work with all major audio software.

Overall, the AT2020USB-XP is an ideal choice for musicians, podcasters, streamers, and other audio professionals looking for a premium-quality mic with added features. From its headphone amplifier, adjustable gain control, DSP software, and two-channel USB adapter, the AT2020USB-XP is a great upgrade for those wanting to take their audio recordings to the next level.

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