Audio Recording

From reviews about a parabolic microphone to articles on wireless headphones for TV production, audio recording conversations are essential to filmmaking.

My RØDE Reel and the TikTok Challenge

Young TikTok users around the world recently discovered an amazing challenge – the #MyRØDEREEL contest. The competition, from the renowned audio company RØDE, marks a

Rode VideoMic NTG Review

The RØDE VideoMic NTG might be your last microphone. You can use it as an on-camera shotgun, or a USB mic, or on a boom. The safety track feature especially is killer.

PFY Voice On-Camera Microphone Review

The PFY Voice is a new compact on-camera shotgun microphone that looks a lot like the Rode VideoMicro, but offers more sensitivity and accessories for a smaller price.

Rode Lavalier GO Microphone

RØDE Microphones has released a new lavalier microphone specifically for the Rode Wireless GO system. It’s a great solution for anyone who is buying a

Roland R-07 Audio Recorder Review: A Wireless Treat

The Roland R-07 portable audio recorder rises above most pocket recorders by introducing wireless control and remote headphone monitoring. It's like a pseudo wireless transmitter with a built-in microphone and external mic input.