Aputure Unveils Revolutionary 150C & 300C RGBWW LED Lights and Accessories

Aputure Releases amaran 150C, 300C RGBWW LED Lights, Accessories

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Aputure Releases amaran 150C, 300C RGBWW LED Lights, Accessories

Amaran 150C and 300C are Aputure’s newest RGBWW LED lights. Aputure, a leading manufacturer of professional film and video lighting equipment, this week announced the launch of their new Amaran range of LED lights. The Amaran 150C and Amaran 300C offer a range of features and accessories to meet the needs of filmmakers and photographers on any project.

Amaran 150C and 300C LED lights are the first in a new generation of RGBWW LED lights. The new lights introduce a color temperature range of 3200-5600K, which allows users to finely tune their lighting setup to match any specific environment or mood. The Amaran 150C and 300C offer an intuitive interface with bright LCD screens and multi-functional knobs to easily adjust brightness, hue, and saturation.

Amaran LED lights feature CRI/TLCI ratings up to 97. The new lights produce a rich, vivid color spectrum with unheard of accuracy down to the finest nuances, pushing the boundaries of how LEDs can be used in professional lighting. The lights also have built-in pre-set effects such as Fire, Sewer, Gas Can, and more for adding a unique signature flare to any scene.

The Amaran range includes a variety of accessories to meet any production needs. The light kits come with barn doors, gel frames, diffusion filters, power adapters, and much more. Additionally, the Amaran range is also compatible with Aputure’s extender bar which increases the spread of the light from 1 to 4 feet, ideal for large sets.

Amaran LED lights are the perfect solution for any project. With a wide range of features and accessories, the new RGBWW LED lights are sure to make any filmmaker or photographer stand out from the crowd. The Amaran LED lights are guaranteed to provide a powerful, professional lighting solution that is both portable and affordable.

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