Aputure Unveils Dual High-Power LEDs with Spot and Fresnel Attachments

Aputure Announces Two High-Output LED Fixtures with Spot and Fresnel Modifiers

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Aputure Announces Two High-Output LED Fixtures with Spot and Fresnel Modifiers

Aputure are continuing to drive industry trends with two new high-output LED Fixtures. The LS600D and LS300X are two powerful daylight balanced LED panels designed to give filmmakers, videographers and photographers an edge on set.

These two new fixtures feature a Spot and Fresnel modifier. This interchangeable system allows users to quickly switch between different beam angles and output levels. The Spot modifier increases output from 180 to 240 degrees and the Fresnel modifier is able to focus the light from 5 to 50 degrees.

The LS600D and LS300X have also been designed with advanced features. Both fixtures feature motion sensors, wireless control, timer and strobe modes, and flicker-free dimming down to 0%. Each also boasts a full range of control modes, including DMX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2.4G.

The LS600D and LS300X deliver an impressively consistent and accurate output. Both fixtures use a dual-cathode ignition system with four tubes, which is more reliable than traditional single-tube designs. This also allows each light to stay cooler whilst operating, increasing their lifespan and providing more efficient cooling when used in high-output situations.

The LS600D and LS300X are the perfect addition to the Aputure lighting family. They provide all the power and flexibility to help bring any project to life. With these two fixtures, Aputure have once again raised the bar for lighting solutions

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