Antelope Audio Introduces Atlas i8 Studio Monitors

Antelope Audio Announces Its First Studio Monitor: The Atlas i8

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Antelope Audio Announces Its First Studio Monitor: The Atlas i8

Antelope Audio announces the launch of their first studio monitor: The Atlas i8. The monitor has been designed for both the professionals in the studio as well as the home music enthusiast.

The Atlas i8 features a 6.5” Kevlar woofer, a 1” silk dome tweeter, and DSP-controlled crossover. It is powered by 300W RMS of power, which gives it the ability to accurately reproduce audio. The built-in DSP gives users the ability to customize the speaker according to their specific needs.

Features and Benefits The Atlas i8 boasts several features that make it an attractive monitor. It includes an optic Toslink input, which enables users to connect the speaker directly to a variety of audio sources. The monitor also has a built-in 8-band EQ, allowing users to tailor the audio precisely to their preferences. It also has an Acoustic Space Control (ASC) technology and a mono/stereo switch to switch between mono and stereo sound.

Price and Availability The Atlas i8 is now available for purchase on Antelope Audio’s website for $499. The monitor comes with a 1-year warranty and free shipping.

Conclusion Antelope Audio’s first studio monitor is an impressive piece of equipment that is sure to please both professionals and those just starting out in the world of music production. With its powerful sound and tremendous features, the Atlas i8 is an amazing studio tool.

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