An All-Inclusive Photography Setup: Sony a7 II Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm Lens and Accessories

Sony a7 II Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm Lens and Accessories

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Experience Complete Camera Package with Sony a7 II Mirrorless Camera, 28-70mm Lens and Accessories

The perfect combination to help you get the perfect shot. Sony has created an amazing combination with the Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera, a 28-70mm zoom lens, and all the accessories you need for your photography adventures.

Capture gorgeous imagery in high resolution. With the Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera you can shoot stunning scenes and subjects in up to 24.3 MP resolution, which is perfect for capturing detailed images or creating sharp prints. This camera also features a 3.0-inch LCD tilt screen so you can capture images from any angle.

Experience beautiful range of detail and color. The included 28-70mm zoom lens provides you with all the range you need to capture beautiful imagery and can be used for everything from wide-angle landscape shots to tighter portraits. This lens also features a 9-blade iris that produces smooth, natural bokeh effects, making any subject look stunning.

Complete package includes all you need. With this complete package, you also get a camera bag to keep your gear safe and sound, an extra NP-FW50 battery, and a SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SD card so you can start recording videos and capturing images right away. You also get a lens hood and lens cap to help keep your lens safe while you’re out and about.

Take your image quality and creativity to the next level. The Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm lens and accessories is the perfect combination for anyone looking to take their photography game to the next level. With this package, you’ve got all the tools you need to capture stunning scenes and portraits in crisp detail and gorgeous color.

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